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Size guide for hoodie

How to choose the right size for hoodie


 Newborn Hoodie

The Newborn hoodie is perfect from birth ! You can open it wide for your baby. Easy to put on ! 

=> From birth to about 4/5 months old, select Newborn hoodie


 Baby hoodie and Kid hoodie : 

From about 6 months old, your baby is tall enough to wear a baby hoodie.

You can adjust the size to protect baby from wind.


  • Until the age of 2, the babies have a round head, no neck. The Baby Hoodie is perfect for that physical description. If you select a bigger size, you may be disappointed.

=> From 6 months old untill 2,5 years old, choose the Baby Hood (with the butterfly).


  • The head measurement is not a right indicator, an adulte head can put the baby hoodie on.


  • The kid hoodie is for children that have grown up. They have a longer neck and a longer face. 

=> From 2,5 years old untill 6/7 years old, choose the kid hoodie (with the star).

choisir son capuchon zoli

Voici les fonctionalités des différents modèles : 

guides capuchons zoli


Pour mettre et retirer le capuchon :

mettre et retirer le capuchon bébé et enfant